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Welcome To Legacy Ignites

Your New Life Starts With A New Mind

Welcome to legacy Ignites a place where new and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn how to take control of their lives by learning how to take control of their minds. Here at Legacy Ignites we create methods and tools that do just that feel free to browse through our page, check out our coaching programs upcoming events and our free resources. Cant wait to connect with you.

Get to Know Brian

Growing up Brian was always a person that saw potential and greatness in others even when they couldnt see it in themselves. He hates to see that potential and greatness wasted which is why Brian was always know for encouraging, motivating and pushing others. Now as a motivator, speaker, and author Brian has made his profession to bring out the best in others working with new and aspiring entrepreneurs helping them to maximize their potential by renewing their minds

Thought-Based Approach

For new and aspiring entrepreneurs renewing the mind is the best place to start. In addition to our 1 on 1 mindset coaching we also have on and offline group coaching seminars and workshops as well as an assortment of of free resources with new material added monthly.

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You were meant to live life, life wasn't meant to live you

Brian Mills

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